Spells used by Mages.


Spell Runes Description
Fireball Fire, Orb A ball of fire.
Orb of Ice Cold, Orb A ball of ice.
Orb of Water Water, Orb A ball of water.
Freeze Cold Freezes the water in an area.
Lightning Bolt Lightning A bolt of lightning.
Blast Blast A blast of force energy.
Scorch Scorch A tier two fire attack.
Whirlwind Whirlwind A tier two wind attack.
Quicksand Sand, Crumble Forms a pit of quicksand used to trap opponents.
Hold Person Hold Binds a person physically with magical bonds.
Bind ? Prevents a caster from casting spells.


Spell Runes Description
Bounce Bounce Bounces a spell.
Shield Shield Forms a magical barrier that absorbs the impact of both magical and physical attacks.


Spell Runes Description
Ball of Light Light, Orb A ball of light used for illumination as well as dazing an opponent.
Silence Silence, Sound Forms a zone of silence that prevents eavesdropping.
Darkness Darkness Cloaks an area in darkness.
Darkvision Sight, Light Allows one to see in both natural and magical darkness.
Reflection Reflection Creates a reflection of the caster on an object. It can be cast on another person so that the target looks like the caster.
Dispel Unravel Dispels a spell.
Undead Undead Unknown, but if it's used in any way to bring back a certain character, I will seriously be pissed off.

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