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Pre AcademyEdit

Fell is a bonded laborer, and prior to Eastridge Academy, he worked under his master on a farm where he was primarily responsible for baling hay and tending to the farm animals. His parentage is unknown.

At the AcademyEdit

At the Academy, Fell is well-known for being Rakam and Torrent's favorite punching bag (a minor character named Everett beats him up too), as well as a regular at the Infimary under the care of Rai Ravinswood and Wisteira Ling.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Fell is described by Averi as having dark brown eyes, an honest face, and sandy brown hair.


Fell is an honest and straightforward person.

Significant Personality TraitEdit

Fell's most significant personality trait is his determination and ability to persevere even under dire circumstances. For this, he is respected by his classmates for his dogged persistance in achieving in the Warrior major.


Averi RystendaleEdit

Friends. The others in the Warrior major thought he had a crush on her.

Wisteria LingEdit

Friends and healer. Fell had a crush on her until he met Dove before the Winter Ball. At this time, Wisteria becomes more involved and interactive with Rakam than Fell.

Wraith RavinEdit

Friends and healer.

Rakam and TorrentEdit

Fell is their favorite punching bag, though by second year, Fell improves as a result of this. Fell saves Torrent's life in Serath, causing the latter to be less brutal towards the former. Rakam (arguably Torrent's sidekick) beats Fell up too, but appears to be slightly nicer about it.


Has a crush on her