Spells Clerics use. Apparently clerics aren't tied to the Divine, so they miss out on awesome abilities like Sanctuary, Astral Seal, Lance of Faith, and of course, Turn Undead.


Spell Runes Description
Probe Probe Probe is used to determine the nature of an illness.
Scry Scry Scry is used to determine the location and nature of a target.
Fuse Fuse Used to mend broken bones. If double-cast on someone, it's healing effect and speed will by greatly increased. However, doing so will result in a painful experience for the recipient of the spell.
Cast ? I'm not entirely sure if I read that this was a spell, or just literally a plaster cast. Author's Note: Yes, it literally just is a plastic cast.


Spell Runes Description
Protection Protection Protection is used to seal a spell and protected it from being dispeled.


Spell Runes Description
Endurance Endurance Used to grant the recipient magical endurance so that they can perform athletic feats such as running and combat without tiring.

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